Rest Haven HouseOld Photo Of Adult Women

Rich History of Rest Haven, Inc.

Preserving a Legacy

Rest Haven, Inc. is a testament to history, a place with a purpose. Established in 1923, this adult home residence was initially conceived as a haven for blind women. Helen Keller’s connection with Rest Haven, Inc.’s operations sheds light on the depth of its significance. As a trustee for the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), Helen Keller played an integral role in overseeing Rest Haven, Inc., elevating its historical importance.

Pink Old House

The Roots of Rest Haven, Inc.

The journey began in 1921 when M.C. Migel founded the AFB with a mere $7,000. A pivotal year, 1923, saw the Migel family acquire the property from the McKendrick estate for approximately $1,000. This led to the formal transfer of the property to Rest Haven, Inc. in 1924. Local influencers lent their support, and the facility was carefully designed and adorned to provide a two-week retreat for adult blind women.

Evolving Ownership

In 1944, Rest Haven, Inc. transferred property ownership to the AFB. Helen Keller’s demise in June 1968 marked a turning point. The property passed through different hands, including the Lantz family, who acquired it in November 1968 and later the AHRC of Orange County. A significant shift occurred in April 2016 when HRR Corp took ownership, sparked by the realization of Helen Keller’s historical association.

A Journey of Restoration

September 13, 2016, marked the pivotal moment when HRR Corp officially acquired the property. With unwavering determination, they embarked on an ambitious mission to restore Rest Haven to its original glory. The efforts bore fruit as, on December 29, 2016, the property’s historical significance was recognized with a nomination for historical site status by the NY Historical Society.

A Connection Beyond Rest Haven

M.C. Migel’s influence extended beyond Rest Haven. From the Roscoe House on Lake Road to the Mansion Ridge Golf Course (previously Mansion Estate and Family), his ownership left an indelible mark. The Library of Congress has files on its website showing the areas M.C. Migel owned. We have also verified that Helen Keller did sleep at Mansion Estate and Family as a guest of the Migel family.

Preserving History for Generations

Rest Haven, Inc. isn’t merely a building; it’s a narrative woven through time. From its inception to the present, it remains a testament to the dedication of those who have worked tirelessly to ensure its legacy endures. The story of Rest Haven speaks volumes about our past, our progress, and our commitment to honoring history’s treasures. We believe rehabilitating this historical site is paramount to preserving its history and legacy.